The Salzburg Advent Singing in Large Festival Hall is a role model for numerous „Advent Singing“ in the entire German-speaking area. Since its foundation in 1946, over two million visitors (over 36,000 annually) have visited this highlight in the Salzburg Advent season. Many of the visitors are loyal friends of Advent Singing and 97% of the guests state that they will visit Advent Singing again. This success can be attributed to the new productions, for which Hans Köhl has been the main director since 2000.

In 2020 the Salzburg Advent Singing celebrates its 60th stage anniversary in the Large Festival Hall. In 2021 we look forward to 75 years of Salzburg Advent Singing since its foundation in 1946.

Over 150 singers, musicians, actors and shepherd children from Salzburg and the neighboring cultural regions are involved in this unique Advent experience. The incomparable sound, the harmonious interweaving of folk music pearls with classic and contemporary compositions in connection with the scenic play makes Salzburg Advent Singing an unforgettable, festive event for thousands of guests every year. Advent wise men from the founding father Tobi Reiser, besides many other musical and vocal „gusto pieces” delight the hearts and thus impressively attune to the Holy Night.

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